The history of the Ali Group dates back to pre-independence days, almost a century ago, when the highly dynamic personality of Sir Syed Maratib Ali envisioned the importance of trade and industry in the sub-continent. He expanded his agricultural business into trading and industrial partnerships. Soon after the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the business activities were further developed into industrialized operations. Treet Corporation was set up in 1952 and is almost as old as the country itself. Companies within the Group are semi-autonomous units responsible for their own budgeting, new products launch, market decisions and new venture exploration and pricing. Operating as strategic business units, they are treated as internal profit centers by the corporate headquarter i.e. Treet Corporation Limited, the holding company. These business units develop their own business strategies. Though independent of other Group businesses, they work in consonance with broader corporate business policies. Corporate strategy (by the parent company) seeks to develop synergies across business units by sharing and coordinating staff, making investments in these units and using them to complement other corporate business activities.

The business of the Treet Group is as follows:-

  • Manufacture and sale of shaving blades/disposable razors.
  • Manufacture and sale of corrugated packaging.
  • Manufacture and sale of soaps.
  • Assembling and sale of motorcycles (including Rickshaws).
  • Educational projects (under construction).
  • Manufacture and sale of lead acid batteries.
  • Labour-hire services.
  • Floatation and control of Modarabas, etc.